Nowadays, the most important concern of many organizations is designing, editing and implementing the strategies which dynamic and complicated situations guarantee their success and survival. The fundamental strategies of Rooyekhat Media are :


Our Strategies

  • To employ efficient and committed human resources, and to implement educational programs
  • To create motivational mechanisms for employees to participate effectively in achieving the goals of company
  • To improve, to develop and to update the infrastructures of the company
  • To increase and to update the specialized knowledge of the company through research and development (R & D)

Communication is transferring a message from sender to receiver provided that the concept is the same for both sides. In RooyeKhat Media, the basis of all projects is to provide services regarding online communications.

Social Networks

Social network is a social structure making up of a set of individual and organization nodes which are connected with each other via one or more kinds of dependence like ideas, financial exchange, friends and web links. Providing infrastructures and creating social networks are considered one of the main strategies for gaining popularity and raising efficiency of the projects in RooyeKhat Media.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a large system consisting of numerous proxy servers which are distributed in several centers in the world over the Internet Service, according to the user’s geographical location. By the use of CDN, the content is delivered to the users via the nearest server. This network extremely affects the increase of speed in the content delivery and the bandwidth through high traffic websites such as Google, Yahoo and Facebook. Due to the increasing demand of local information access and necessary predictions in order to ease the users’ access, we intend to implement all projects by means of CDN.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a kind of systems which can react just like intelligent human beings; some sorts of behaviors such as comprehending complicated situations, simulating the processes of thinking, the ways of human reasoning and successful response to them, learning and ability to solve the problems. In the projects of RooyeKhat Media, we intend to use the data, while combining statistics and computer science, and applying modern techniques of artificial intelligence in an optimal way.

Big Data

Big data is entitled a set of data which are really large and complex, so that managing, controlling and processing them at a specified and an expected time is beyond the ability of the software. Identification systems with radio waves, sensor networks, social networks, texts and documents on the internet in a large scale are some examples of Big Data. Another strategy for predicting and meeting the users’ needs in our company is to use the newest storage systems of Big Data in the projects.

Religion and Culture Integration, and Localization of Technology

The effective use of technology is possible only when it is compatible with our climatic, geographical conditions, and indigenous culture. It means that we should harmonize the technology and our religion, culture and climatic condition. In Rooyekhat Media, we try to advance all projects with regards to Iranian-Islamic culture and to maintain national- religious values with the latest technologies, and we always try to create something different with innovative ideas.